EVG in Germany

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Welcome to the world's foreleast source for information on the 2006 World Cup in Germany!

Instead, this will be a place for me to post pictures, tell stories and drunkenly recall the goings on during a summer 2006 trip to Europe and the World Cup in Germany. Think of it as an embarrassingly public diary, an ongoing chronicle of my quarter-life crisis, as I quit my job, leave life-as-I’ve-known-it-for-the-past-five-years behind, and run amok in Europe for about two months.

I will be traveling, along with four friends, throughout Germany as we follow the U.S. team as far as they can go in this summer’s World Cup. We’re all in our 20s, live somewhere near – or have roots in – New York, and we’re all crazed for soccer. They are staying for as long as the U.S. stays around; I’m staying in Europe through the end of July. More on the EVGinGermany crew at a later date…

Over the coming weeks, as I gear up to set off for Europe, I’ll occasionally update this site with random musings. Then once I hit the road on June 6th, I hope to be able to update the site daily (or at the very least, every few days).

Mostly, this is a totally vain exercise, something to look back upon when the trip is over and I find myself back in New York and have trouble recalling anything that happened. But, at least in part, I hope to make it something more than your average “Look-at-me-I’m-in-Europe-YAY-for-me” blog. At least that’s the goal. Watching it fail, dear readers, could be as fun as watching it succeed.

Actually, I think that’s sort of the Englishman’s way of looking at England’s national team. You find that, as much as the English want their team to win the World Cup, they’re also already wondering who will be the scapegoat this time around. Will is be Beckham again (see France ’98/Portugal ’04), or possibly the ‘keeper (Seaman in Korea/Japan in ’02)? Something tells me to look towards young Wayne Rooney. He has the potential to be a hero, of course, but he also recently dined with Mike Tyson who, according to Sports Illustrated, gave Wayne some anger-management tips. Um, I know it’s been nearly a decade… but Mike bit a guy’s ear off. Twice. This might end badly.

Until next time...